The question of the day is do you actually need to hire an attorney for asset division when you are divorcing your spouse? The answer is a loud and resounding yes. As you may know, after a marriage ends the two parties must dived up the marital property. What you may not know is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is what is called an equitable division state. In essence, that means the marital property must be divided fairly between both parties. That being stated, equitable distribution should not be confused with the term equal distribution.

The bottom line is that both parties are not required to split the assets evenly or on a 50-50 basis. In fact, divorce court judges can actually distribute a far greater portion of the marital assets to one of the parties over the other. However, in order for this to happen one of the parties must actually prove that their divorce case qualifies for an unequal division of marital assets. That is exactly where a family law attorney comes into play. You may be talking about a significant amount of marital assets. You certainly do not want to leave anything on the negotiation table.

You do need to protect your financial rights as much as humanly possible. It simply does not matter if you plan to settle your divorce case or take it to trial. You need to work with an experienced family law attorney who will protect your best interests from a financial standpoint. That means your attorney will research and analyze both your financial situation and the financial situation of your soon to be ex-spouse. He or she will then create a complete and inclusive asset division case that will protect your financial security for the present and the future.

You should only work with an asset division attorney who will explain everything to you in detail. You are certainly going to need to make informed decisions regarding how your marital assets will be divided. Your spouse may not provide you with all of the pertinent information regarding their assets. That’s exactly why you should only work with an attorney who has the ability to both analyze and properly investigate the situation.

For example, your spouse may have business entities, inheritance money, investment accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, stocks and other assets that you may not be aware of. Your financial security now and in the future is at stake.  That means you need to have the best outcome as possible when it comes to the asset division state of affairs of your divorce.

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