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When you are in a financial rut and are looking for help, you need a competent attorney who will pull you out.

An attorney who specializes in child custody and support is vital to your financial and emotional success. I recognize that support, whether child or spousal, is often one of the most important issues for my clients. I will guide you through a pragmatic assessment of your needs and advocate for the best possible outcome to ensure financial security for you.

Child Support.

Child support is typically ordered by the court when minor children are involved in a divorce or custody action. In Massachusetts, child support is based largely on the physical custody structure, as well as the allocation of taxable and non-taxable income between the parents, in addition to other factors such as health care costs, other support obligations etcetera. This can be a complicated calculation and it is important to understand your rights through this process.

In addition to traditional representation, I offer a comprehensive financial assessment in order to advise my clients on their rights, exposure, and options forward. Contact me to learn more.

When you’re fighting for custody of your child, it’s important to understand the different types of custody. Our experienced divorce lawyer will provide legal advice throughout your case. Browse the following section to gain a better understanding of the different types of custody.

Common Types of Custody

“Pendente lite” or Temporary Custody: The phrase pendente lite means “pending the trial.” This type of custody is issued once a petition has been filed with the court, but before a final resolution has been determined. In family court, it’s referred to as “temporary custody.”

Physical Custody or Residential Custody: This type of custody refers to the place where the child physically resides and/or spends the majority of their time. Primary physical custody is granted to the parent residing with the child for more than 50% of the time. This parent is also referred to as the “custodial parent” in family court. Generally, the non-custodial parent will receive visitation rights, depending on the circumstances. This is where a divorce lawyer will work with you to develop an arrangement that is best for the child and you.

Legal Custody: This refers to the parent that has the legal authority to make decisions for the child. These decisions can involve their education, religion, and healthcare.

Joint Custody: This type of custody implies that each parent will take an equal role in making major decisions for their child. This is granted to parents that can properly communicate and work together in raising their child. Equal roles mean that each parent is allowed to veto the other’s decisions. If a mutual agreement is unable to be met, then sole physical custody and legal custody can be discussed.

An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to help you understand the terms of your custody agreement. They can also assist you if you’re looking to change the custody agreement. To schedule an appointment with our divorce lawyer, contact our office in Worcester, MA. Our divorce lawyer is proud to provide legal assistance for child custody matters in Worcester, Shrewsbury, Holden, Westborough, Auburn, West Boylston, MA and the surrounding areas.

Spousal Support.

Spousal support, or alimony, is largely based on the income of the parties and the length of the marriage. A more nuanced, multi-factorial analysis is required for long term spousal support. Massachusetts alimony laws are murky and sometimes difficult to understand. Contact me to learn more.

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