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When your marriage is over and the road ahead is paved with uncertainties, you need an experienced divorce lawyer to navigate the potholes for you.

No one gets married thinking they are going to end up divorced. Unfortunately, about half of all marriages end in divorce. In Massachusetts, the divorce process can be complicated, challenging, and emotionally draining. If you are facing a divorce, it’s important to hire a competent divorce lawyer and attorney to advocate for you and help you start a new beginning.

Having a reliable and experienced divorce lawyer not only can help you have the most successful court case possible, but they can also provide you with the support needed when you are going through a separation from your partner. For many, going through a divorce can feel isolating and upsetting, which is why having someone you can put your trust in as your divorce lawyer can make the experience a little less lonely.

Depending on the issues and personalities of the involved parties, the process can be straightforward or difficult. Key issues that are agreed upon are memorialized in a contract called a Separation Agreement. Issues that are not agreed upon, are decided by a Judge through a trial. Some of the most common key issues that must be addressed through the divorce process include:

Massachusetts is a no-fault grounds state meaning you can get divorced even if your ex doesn’t want a divorce. Although the ex can’t prevent a divorce, he/she can complicate the process significantly.

At Zawada Family Law, our divorce attorney, Brynn Zawada takes pride in helping couples and individuals during this difficult period of time. Each client I develop a relationship with is unique with different life experiences, issues, and concerns. My approach with each client is the same-I listen and advise with compassion, understanding, and a focus on practical solutions to your problems. One of the most important roles I try and fill for my clients is that of an educator. If I have explained the legal process, advised you on all available options, and allowed you to make an educated decision based on all of the above, then I will have done my job. With years of mediation and litigation experience, our law firm has been proud to represent clients throughout Worcester, Shrewsbury, Westborough, MA, and the surrounding areas. For divorce cases that involve children, we can help with child custody and support issues. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with our divorce lawyer, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.

I offer a variety of representation options dependent on your needs as follows:

  • Traditional Representation- I work with you and am with you through every step of your case from start to finish. I work off a retainer and charge an hourly rate with no hidden fees.
  • Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)- I work with you on an as-needed basis. This can include limited appearances in court, drafting legal documents, or negotiations with the other side. Cost is dependent on the task you need assistance with.
  • Flat Fee- I offer flat fee services for uncontested divorces only.

Why Are Divorce Attorneys So Important?

They will help you navigate the legal divorce world process -– Divorce is complicated and the laws about divorce can be challenging to navigate without an experienced attorney. An individual who represents themselves(s) (called a “pro se litigant” ) is held to the same standard as an attorney in court. This means that deadlines must be adhered to, pleadings properly prepared and filed, and positions on issues be based on sound legal case law. An experienced divorce attorney has years of legal training and firsthand experience in navigating the nuances of the legal process. Attorneys can have a big impact on a divorce case, for better or worse. That is why you want to ensure you have a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable divorce attorney like Attorney Zawada at your side.

They can give suggestions about the easiest route to complete your divorce – Every divorce is different. Not every divorce requires court oversight. For cases where both you and your spouse want a divorce and are able to agree on all issues and uncontested divorce may be a viable option. There are also alternative dispute resolution avenues that may be beneficial including mediation and conciliation. These options involve minimal court involvement and allow the parties to negotiate terms of the divorce in a collaborative manner. At Zawada Family Law, Attorney Zawada not only conducts mediation and conciliation for individuals but also represents individuals who are going through mediation or conciliation.

They can help you protect your finances – Divorce is expensive. Protecting your financial assets to secure you or your children’s futures in a divorce is imperative. An experienced divorce attorney will explain the laws on asset division, child support, and alimony, and provide a strategy on how to move forward. Attorney Zawada will help you navigate the process of asset division to secure an equitable resolution.

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