Did you know that family law is actually a legal practice area that specifically focuses on any issues that involve family relationships? These topics include divorce, child, custody, and asset division, and adoptions to name a few. Attorney’s that practice family law have the ability to represent clients in family court cases and or related negotiations. They can also draft documents that related to family law topics such as asset division agreements and court petitions to name a few. The vast majority of family law attorneys specialize in divorce and separation cases.

A divorce or formal separation happens to be one of the most stressful experiences that any family faces. This is due to the fact that emotions typically take over. That can make it next to impossible for spouses to settle their divorce in a calm, cool, and collected manner. If emotions are clouding the issues at hand it can be next to impossible to agree upon important divorce matters such as division of assets, spousal support, child custody, and child support. That’s exactly where a family law attorney comes into play.

In essence, the family law attorney will represent the best interests of the party who is filling for the divorce, or the defendant. The family law attorney can act as a mediator and assist the spouses to come to an agreement that is fair and complies with the law. Child custody agreements typically go hand in hand with divorce cases if the couple has a child or multiple children. In fact, when a couple separates what happens to the children tends to be one of the most difficult issues at hand.

That means the spouses need to be in agreement on how to take care of the children, who’s taking care of the children, and when they are taking care of the children in a legal arrangement. In essence, child custody is defined by an agreement that both parents must abide by. A family law attorney has the ability to negotiate on behalf of their client and also draft the child custody agreement. They can also help parents amend the child custody agreement or defend against amending the agreement in the future.

Family law attorneys also handle estates and wills. For example, they can draft and execute a will, which is a legal document where people express exactly who they would like to receive their assets, and or how they would like their property to be managed after they pass away.

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Brynn Zawada is responsive to the fact that family issues are both complex and emotionally taxing. That is why she strives hard to guide her clients through the process as effectively and efficiently as possible while also minimizing the emotional toll on her clients.